What do I eat for Breakfast?

Probably out of all the meals during our day, I found that Breakfast was the biggest one I needed to change. I was so used to having a bowl of cereal and a piece of toast with peanut butter, plus a cup of English Breakfast tea with milk and two teaspoons of sugar. I wasn’t sure HOW I could survive without my morning cup of tea.

Well, 23 months later and I HAVE survived without my English Breakfast tea and just replaced it with different herbal teas, that I now LOVE. I also begin each morning with fresh lemon or lime juice squeezed into hot water – this helps to alkaline your body by balancing your PH levels, flush the digestive system and rehydrate your body. I drink this as soon as I get up and normally about 1/2 an hour before I eat anything.

I try and eat different things each day for Breakfast, including –

  • Blueberries and raspberries with almonds, pepitas, sunflower seeds, chunky coconut with coconut kefir or coconut yoghurt.
  • Paleo Bread with avocado, parsley and lemon juice (see my recipe for this yummy bread).
  • Brown rice crackers with almond, brazil and cashew nut spread with avocado and a sprinkle of himalayan sea salt.
  • Poached eggs with spinach leaves, parsley, sweet potato, mushrooms and homemade sauerkraut.
  • A fresh green juice – (see my juice recipe).
  • A smoothie – with frozen bananas, coconut water, spinach leaves, avocado, berries, chia seeds and almonds.
  • A cup of homemade bone broth.
  • Last night’s leftovers, grilled chicken with salad, salmon with vege’s, paleo sausages with quinoa and veggies, etc.
  • Brown rice pancakes – these are delicious with a small bit of maple syrup and berries.
  • Chia seed pudding layered with berries, chunky coconut and almonds.
  • Homemade nut and seed mix with chunky coconuts, a teaspoon of honey and coconut oil – toasted lightly in the oven. Pour over berries and coconut yoghurt or coconut kefir.

Who says, that breakfast must be cereal and toast. Just because we have been brought up that way, doesn’t mean we have to keep doing it. Try creating something new each week, that you’ll enjoy.

This morning I received an “eye roll or two” from my husband as I ate leftover grilled salmon with veges and rice… but, it was much healthier than his cheese toastie on pumpkin sourdough.

Is there a recipe you would like me to include on my page? Please let me know what interests you.

Love and healing, Jo xoxo


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