Hair Update and a few nasty surprises…

So, I thought I would update you on what’s been happening with my hair.  Well, my hair it’s still growing in…it’s getting darker,  thicker and slowly growing down on the sides. I have about an inch to go and then it will be 100% covered all over.  It seems to be growing about an inch downwards every 8 weeks.  I also have all my eyelashes back on one side (most are still light but a they are turning dark) and the other side seems to be filling in, especially over this last week. I paint castor oil on them every night and I think this has helped them get thicker. Maybe I’ll soon be able to use mascara on them… toxin free of course!!  My eyebrows have a lot of thick white growth but nothing dark yet.  Patience is the key, plus appreciation for what I do have.

Here are some recent photos showing what my hair currently looks like. 

March 2017

A few weeks ago, I was getting disappointed that my hair wasn’t all over yet and my beautiful and always supportive Mum said to me “Have a look at photo’s of yourself back in July with nothing at all. If you could see back then, what you have growing now, you would be jumping with joy and not looking at what isn’t. You wouldn’t even notice those side bits, not quite there yet”. And she was right, I need to focus on what I do have and not what I don’t have… the law of attraction.

It’s now the two year anniversary from when I first noticed that I was losing hair on the cruise and during the last month I have been working at releasing lot’s of repressed emotions around this traumatic time. It was like reliving that time on the cruise again (and my son having a very bad asthma attack) feeling trapped, suffocated, very scared and not knowing why my hair was falling out. I have done this with the help of two very special healing friends and it felt so good to let everything go and TRUST that it will all be ok. I think this was holding me back in truly healing and now I just need to STOP worrying that something else terrible will happen to me again. I also pieced together all the missing pieces of the puzzle, knowing why it fell out. This has given me peace and answered many unanswered questions I had for two years.

I’m using lots of my DoTERRA essential oils to help with this feeling, including Helichrysum (an amazing healer of pain). It helps to restore confidence in life and in myself, after trauma or loss. I rub a drop of it on my throat chakra each morning plus night and only after a week, I can feel the difference.

I’ve still been eating amazingly but unfortunately caught two nasty parasites on a recent health retreat by drinking contaminated water… UGHHH! This is the last thing I need right now. But I am starting a detox to eliminate these parasites in the next few days and are hoping with the right herbal products, probiotics and looking after myself, plus eating right, that they will go fast. My acupuncturist can also help with chinese herbal medicine.

When I found out last week that I had these parasites, I began to panic and worry that it would make my hair stop growing or fall out again or stop. I’ve had to really not let it worry me. Once again had to dig deep and be reminded that losing all my hair has forced me to seek healing and completely change my life in every way, and funny enough, after a week of knowing I have these parasites, I’ve now accepted this is another part of my journey. It’s something that I have been forced to learn about and will once again rise from the challenge. I eat amazing, get lots of sleep, keep toxins out of my environment and look after myself, so I think it will all be OK.

It’s also made me get some updated blood tests which I haven’t had since last August and learn that my Iodine, B12 and Homocysteine levels are out of balance. I need to work on correcting these and I am doing so with further testing and the help of a Naturopath.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress with hair plus my two unwanted friends over the next few months.

Love and healing, Jo xoxo

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