Hair Update, I’ll need a haircut soon…

Part of my journey to wellness is to help other’s get their hair back. I want to turn such a negative experience into a positive one and give other’s hope by sharing all my hair growth photos.

When my hair all fell out in March 2015, I couldn’t find one photo of someone with Alopecia Universalis and their hair growing back unless they were on some “miracle drug” which probably had severe side effects or once you stopped the drug, your hair would fall out. It was very disheartening and very scary not knowing if it was even possible to do it naturally. I decided that when my hair finally started to grow back – I would take lot’s of photos to show people how it looks growing back in. This will help you to visualise it actually happening, which is so hard when you have none and also no idea what it will look like. Of course everyone’s hair may grow in differently, but at least you can get the picture.

Over the last month, my hair has been growing back fast with all the top and back now filled in with dark hair. Looking at old photo’s on the weekend, I realised that the top only started showing signs of growth with tiny dark hairs in September and now in January, it’s covered all over and getting thicker every day. There are also some very long white hairs and some of these are more than two inches long. I don’t know if they will change colour or fall out, who know’s. The sides are slowly growing down and I can see the changes each week, they only have about an inch or more to go to be fully covered. I can see the new white hairs getting thicker first and then change colour to dark hairs.

I think my daily meditations have been really helping and I can actually now visualise it growing. When I first started the alopecia meditation, I could not picture it growing on my head at all – now I can feel it growing. I kind of look like I have a ‘punk rocker’ mohawk hair style happening at the moment and I’m the least punk person around, so this is a weird feeling. It has really forced me to love myself exactly as I am, even with this crazy hairstyle. At home I don’t wear anything on my head and am confident showing people what I look like. This is a stark contrast to when I had none, always hiding, feeling embarrassed and ashamed that I had none. When I go out, I’m still wearing a head scarf tied up with the back and front hanging out and can’t wait for the day when I won’t have to wear one anymore. I am going to have a ‘headscarf burning party’ and celebrate my journey with all my friends and everyone who has helped me on this journey.

Here are some photo’s of my hair from last week so you can see where I am at.

This week as I was taking my kids to the hairdresser to get ‘back to school’ haircuts,  it really made me start to get excited knowing that I will be sitting there soon and getting my own haircut. Wow, what an AMAZING feeling that will be. I know it won’t be too far away and it will be a celebration.

For those of you who’s hair has started to grow back in, make sure you take weekly photo’s so you can compare the changes. It’s funny as sometimes it looks like nothing much is happening but when you compare them weekly, fortnightly or monthly, the changes ARE huge.

I would love to see photos of your growth or hear about your journey, please send me through any pictures of your hair growing back in to include on this post, to give other’s HOPE. Sometimes just sharing your story helps you heal faster too.

Love and healing, Jo xx

4 Replies to “Hair Update, I’ll need a haircut soon…”

      1. No hair on my head yet BUT my eyebrows have regrowed, my eyelashes are back as well and also hair growing on my arms. Smashing result after being diagnosed with AU 10 month ago and being told that I would not see a single hair on my body ever again! When diagnosed, the dermatologist repeated that I did nothing wrong, no one knows what activates Autoimmune disease/ Alopecia and that I cannot do anything to change that… So happy I did not believe her! Keep the posts coming Jo so that everyone knows it can be done!!!! Love & healing <3

        1. Wow, I am so happy for you. That is amazing. I bet once they’ve grown, your hair on your head will start. Mine is kind of the opposite – I think my eyelashes and eyebrows will grow back in after my hair on my head is all back. It’s like it can’t grow everything at once. So grateful.
          Both my dermatologists said the same plus also said that diet played no part. Interesting. Can’t wait to hear your progress. Are you doing AIP? Xx

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