Emotions and how they stop us from truly healing…

Can emotions hold our hair back from growing? At first, I didn’t believe they could, but YES, emotions can most definitely stop your hair from growing back in. It took me a long time to understand how powerful emotions are and the role they can play out in our bodies – around 70-80% of our immune system is located in our gut. “Emotions play out in the theatre of the body”.

For the first year of healing, I focused mainly on my diet and healing my gut and correcting any internal imbalances. But as time went on and I still had no hair, I began to realise that I needed to deal with any stressful or traumatic past life experiences I had experienced (including losing my hair on that cruise and the feelings and emotions that came with that). Even for years prior to my hair falling out, I would always put on a brave face and never address any of my emotions properly. I would bury them deep, hoping they would go away. I wouldn’t cry or let any anger or upset out, so gradually over time, these emotions just built up and got bigger and bigger.

If we hold onto too much pain and hurt over a long period of time, we can become sick. I remember visiting Nici (for Natural Energy Balancing) for the first time and even in the nutrient deficient state I was in, plus had no hair, “repressed emotions” was the first thing that came up on the list to treat me for. This was the first time I had properly ever really thought about “how I was really feeling” and not bottle it up – I realised this was a huge part in my life that I needed to address.

“If we can bring harmony between our body, our mind and our soul, this will result in the relief and cure of disease”.

You might ask, how do I work through any emotions I have? Well, this is much easier said, than done and I have needed the help of friends and also energy healers to dig through the many layers of emotions. Recently I went on a Yoga and Meditation Retreat with a beautiful friend and spent three days meditating, practising yoga, eating delicious organic vegan produce, getting massages, being out in the natural bush setting, massages, epsom salt baths and swims plus just stopping and listening to the sounds all around us… I found that I truly let go and found what I was looking for. Which was peace within me – loving myself exactly as I am. I also learnt, that to grow, I need to open my heart fully (even if at times it can be scary) and to truly feel, see, smell, touch and taste, the beauty in everything around me.

Kundalini Yoga and meditation has also helped me greatly in healing, as well as, daily affirmations like – “I am beautiful” plus “I love and accept myself”. The daily meditation for Alopecia (located on my home page) states quite a few affirmations that you say about aloud and by practising it everyday, you begin to believe these are true. Try doing this meditation for a few weeks and see how things change inside. My essential oils also help to release emotions and just the smell of them, triggers a positive emotional response in our bodies.

To truly heal and fulfil your life’s purpose, you must first heal your physical body and your heart, plus release any limiting beliefs plus increase your spiritual awareness and connection. I have come to realise after working through these levels of healing that it is my life’s purpose to help others heal and give them hope – this is why I set up this blog. It brings me peace, knowing where I’ve been and where I am going in life and by helping other’s, I am also healing myself. And funny enough, after addressing my health, heart and limiting beliefs, my hair began to grow.

It’s funny looking back and reading what I have just written above and realising how much I have changed. I have turned a very traumatic event into something that I am very grateful for, plus I can now pass everything I have learnt onto others. I saved this powerful saying on my phone over a year ago –

“The soul always know what to do to heal itself… the challenge is to silence the mind”.

This is very appropriate during my final stages of healing.

Love and healing, Jo xoxo

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