My journey to wellness began a year and a half ago, except I had no idea of the journey that I was about to embark on. It all began on a family holiday, we were relaxing and enjoying a cruise around the Pacific Islands, then one day after snorkeling on the beautiful island of Lifou, I noticed strips of my scalp showing on my head. After close inspection, I realized that lots of my hair was missing.

This soon became a nightmare and I had no idea what was happening to my body. Within a month I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata, which quickly progressed to Alopecia Universalis. All the hair on my body had fallen out everywhere. A number of Dermatologist appointments did not offer much hope of getting my hair back, even with the help of strong steroids that had lot’s of side effects. There was little they could do and they recommended getting a wig, having counselling and getting on with my life. I was in shock.

Walking out of that last appointment, a life-giving or life draining experience, I decided that I would do everything I could to get my hair back, I had hope. This became the start of my journey to get my health back and ultimately my hair..

Food became my medicine and I became passionate about healthy eating, cooking and nourishing my body with delicious whole foods. I also changed my lifestyle by incorporating yoga, acupuncture, essential oils, more sleep, meditation and beach walking. Having no hair for a year and a half has taught me many things about myself. I’ve learnt to have patience, live for the moment and live in gratitude. I’ve learn’t to address my emotions and realise the importance they play in our healing. I’ve surrounded myself with positive and inspiring people.

Each week I am going to share my stories and highlight things that have helped me get my wellness back, and ultimately my hair, and give other’s hope that they can to”

Love and healing, Jo xo

P.s. Yes, it’s growing back…but that’s another story.