A new chapter…

I’ve been a bit quiet on my blog lately and trying to get my body back into balance with having those nasty parasites. The effects of these parasites were really draining and took a lot of my energy. Thank fully after two herbal cleanses, eating well, sleeping lots plus a bucket load of energy treatments and visualising them leaving my body… they are gone. It feels wonderful that I no longer have them.

Having an upset tummy for six weeks though, didn’t help my gut and I noticed that my hair wasn’t growing in as fast as what it had been. So I made an appointment with  my naturopath and he conducted some functional tests. It came back that my gut was moderately leaky and my liver was really under functioning.

To help both these issues I started taking a l-glutamine supplement to support my gut, plus kept on taking two probiotics daily, along with bone broth, fermented foods and took digestive enzymes (if I ate a big meal with red meat, which is not often). My naturopath also made me up an “awful tasting” herbal tonic to help support my liver.

Initially my naturopath wanted me on a bunch more supplements for my liver but I have found over the last two years that my body is very sensitive, so it’s best to do less than more. I have also been massaging my liver meridian points on my feet daily.  Plus my acupuncturist also put me on herbs to support my liver. I think by targeting it from many angles, plus eating well, my liver is doing much better and this is showing in my hair growth.

Over the last month and a half, my hair has been growing back in fast and only has small strips at either side of my head to finish growing in. There are small dark, thin hairs growing here, so I know it’s coming.  After nearly 10 months of it growing in from nothing, this is what it looks like.

June 2017

I’ve gone from absolutely not one strand of hair and wearing a full head scarf or wig (which I hid myself under), to a scarf tied up as it grew back in patches and now only a small headband. I am nearly there.

I realised this week, that I am the girl with hair now and no longer think of myself as ‘the bald girl’ and lacking in any way.

This brought tears to my eyes after reflecting on what a journey I have been on during the last two years. Hopefully soon I will book in to get a hair cut. What an AMAZING experience that will be.

Without losing my hair, I would not be the strong, healthy person I am today. It has changed my life for the better and I can teach my kids to look after themselves and nourish their bodies with nutritious foods. I am also opening a cafe in September this year, and working with a chef to create healthy “eat the rainbow” food and will help other’s on their health journey too. I am beyond excited with this new chapter I am about to embark on and forever grateful that such a negative experience has turned into such a positive one.

Please keep on sending through your emails… I love getting them and helping you too grow back your hair.

Much love and light, Jo xoxo




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  1. Hiya, good to know you got rid off the parasites Jo! You are almost there, I am truly happy for you. It shows with determination it can be done. Also what a great idea to open a Cafe shop! It looks like a natural next step. You can put in practise everything you learned on your healing journey. Shame I live on the other side of the globe otherwise I´d be a regular!!!! Best of luck <3

    1. Thanks so much Dasha. After having terrible symptoms for 6 weeks, I was getting worried that I would lose my hair again. But it’s all good and gone now. Thanks for all your support with my blog and cafe, I really appreciate it. I would love to meet up with you one day too. It feels like we aren’t on this journey alone. Please keep me posted on your updates with your hair. Lots of love, Jo

  2. Hello! Wow what an awesome job! What a blessing!
    I have a question, I have an 8 year old son that has AU. It happened 4 years ago and I have been trying everything. It grows and then falls out. Very frustrating, but I will not give up, I know he can heal. What I wanted to ask was what are some tests that you took to help determine what the root cause was? I need to find some help. Thank you!

    1. Hi Kristy, That must be hard on you seeing your son with it. Big hugs. I saw a kinesiologist who muscle tested me to see what the cause was. It was almost the perfect storm with many factors playing a role in my hair loss. If you want to get tests run, I would get a leaky gut test done first, liver function, B12, iron, zinc, check for heavy metals and maybe a stool test to check for parasites/bacteria. Diet plays a huge role in healing, have you looked into removing dairy and gluten? I would definitely stay away from both of them. Lots of love and healing, Jo xx

      1. Thank you for getting back to me! I will look into those tests, thank you. Yes, he has been off gluten and dairy the whole 4 years he has had it. I tried a year of the AIP and I am transitioning him off of that and focusing on more vegetables and fruits. Thanks again!

        1. Wow, we’ll it sounds like he’s eating perfecly. There must be a vitamin/mineral deficiency or parasite that’s stopping him healing. Maybe try a naturopath first. Does he have any emotional issues? This is something to also look at, as emotions can play a huge role in our healing. I’m sure you get to the bottom of it with some further testing. Don’t give up hope. xx

  3. Thank you Jo for taking the time! I can truly feel your support! I will not give up hope! He may have some emotional issues from his dad being in the military and always leaving… I hope not, I try and speak words of healing and encouragement and blessings over him. Hummm.. thank you for your support and you give me great hope!! I am truly happy for you! Blessing to you and yours!!

    1. Thank you Kristy. It is such a confronting disease and very tough emotionally. It must be hard for him to see his Dad going away all the time. Try doing the alopecia meditation with him with your hands on his head (see my article on a mother’s touch), daily and see if this helps. Love and light, Jo xx

  4. I want to thank you for your blog from the bottom of my heart! When I found it I was desperate and lost hope. Your story is like reading my own. I too have struggled with dermatologists and doctors telling me I have to accept I will never have hair, eye brows and lashes again. I suffered through the pain & expense of injections with no results. Please keep updating you truly are an inspiration.

    1. Thank you so much Faith, your message means a lot. I have been taking a bit of a break from my blog as my husband and I have opened up a whole foods cafe a month ago, so I am quite busy juggling that and three kids. I also found that always talking about hair loss was holding me back emotionally. On a positive, my hair is nearly all there and I even put mascara on my eyelashes this week, which felt amazing. I’m also booking in for a haircut. I have about 3% of my hair on my head left to fill in, on the right hand side, but it’s got fine white hairs there. No-one can notice it though. Over the next few months and when it is 100% back and emotionally, I plan to get back onto my blog and keep giving others hope. Don’t give up ever, your dream can come true. It’s funny as I always thought of myself as the girl with no hair and those thoughts now seem a lifetime ago. Lots of love and light, Jo

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