A Mother’s Touch

Never underestimate the value of physical contact from mother to child.

Once the baby is born, the mother is able to hold her child, and a whole language based on mutual skin-to-skin sensation begins, it is vital for the baby health and well being. As the infant grows into adulthood nothing changes. A mother touching her child has proven to have an impressive healing effect, like no other.

If you are an adult with alopecia and your mother is available or if you have a child with alopecia please do the following –

Put on some nice meditative music that both parties enjoy. The person who has alopecia lies down with their head in their mothers lap. The mother places her hands on the hairless part of the head. Both visualise the hair growing. Feel the roots making their way through the skull. To reap the full benefits continue for 11 minutes. However even a couple of minutes here and there makes a difference.

If your mother is not available then anyone who loves you is effective as well. It could be your spouse, child, girlfriend.

This has been written by my loving friend Indra Prem.

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