“I’ve created this blog to help other’s heal, to show everyone that our bodies can heal themselves with the right food and environment. Hair loss is just a symptom of what’s really going on in our bodies.

Each week I am going to share my stories and highlight things that have helped me get my wellness back, and ultimately my hair, and give other’s hope that they can to”.

Love and healing, Jo xo

Alopecia Meditation

This guided meditation is for all people with Alopecia. Find a quiet place and listen to this meditation first thing in the morning every day.

The more people who can do this meditation together, at the same time, the more powerful the healing. Join us at 8.10am Sydney time, Australia everyday for a group healing.

Please see my post on why meditation is so important an how it can help you grow back your hair.

Lovingly recorded by my beautiful friend Indra Prem.

Download Here